Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Production & Operations Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Production & Operations Management - Essay Example Causes of Quality Problem on Greasex Line There are a lot of internal factors that contributes to the quality problems on Greasex line. This includes: (a) inefficient personnel – the operator that fills the equipment lacks working experience in running the machinery equipment, presence of the operator within the site, and lack of real-time report; (b) the automated filling equipment is not exclusively designed for Greasex line purposes and has no regular schedule for maintenance; (c) purchaser(s) do not have knowledge on the quality of spare parts needed for the equipment; and (d) lack of testing on the effects of contoured can on the speed of filling or filling hydrodynamics from a high-pressured filling head. Steps Hank should follow for Continuous Improvement Hank should implement a regular real-time reporting from operator(s) of Greasex line to ensure that necessary actions will be provided to cut down on ‘down-time’ errors and regular maintenance for machine. Ensure that effective training on handling the machinery should be provided by the company. Encourage purchaser to deal with operators carefully regarding the specs of materials needed. Take time to do laboratory tests on impact of contoured cans on speed of filling machine, etc). Compute for opportunity loss of using incompatible automated filling equipment for Greasex line.

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