Monday, October 7, 2019

Should couples in us be discouraged from having more than two children Research Paper

Should couples in us be discouraged from having more than two children - Research Paper Example 17). The government thus had to find a way to reduce population growth since the increasing dependent group was growing randomly. In the late 1960s, the government introduced the use of contraceptives even by the unemployed category of women. These contraceptives were offered at cheap prices to increase their use and thus curb the uncontrolled population growth that resulted to more poverty. The introduction of contraceptives helped reduce the population growth but the government was in full control of the population growth. The issue of the increase of low-income earners is becoming a burden to the taxpayers due to the increased overdependence on the government aiding programs. Putting this in mind, this project is aimed at discussing if the US government should discourage couples from having more than two children (Demographic Research, 2008, vol. 17). The issue of a couple on to have at most two children has raised a big debate that many researchers have surveyed in an effort of coming up with the benefits that small families have over big families and vice versa. The past researches will provide us with more knowledge and thus an informative literature review. The literature review will also provide this research on the reasons behind rapid population growth and will thus answer the issue at hand. In this research, we will use primary data to not the views of Americans and thus from the data will analyze it and discuss the findings. After discussion, the research will provide a conclusion. Lastly, in this research we will offer a recommendation. Past researches have talked the issues of the need for family planning, causes of rapid population growth and the impacts of government making laws on the number of children by a couple. The three are the most related researches that will provide us with the information required to tackle the issue at hand. The past research on the use of family

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