Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Staff Planning Paper Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Staff Planning - Term Paper Example In the food and retail industry the man power requirement is high and also there is requirement for manpower in manufacturing, operations, customer service, distribution, marketing and accounting. Our current requirement of manpower is on the basis of our new opening in the city. The current manpower requirement is 45 staffs, 15 – customer service, 15 – distribution and marketing, 10 – accounting, 5 – operations (which includes 1 Public Relations staff). For this we require skilled and trained manpower in the respective departments. The selection of a right candidate is the most complicated task in an organization. It is important to recruit the right candidate at the right time and right place and for the right job in order to achieve organizational goal. Staffing is a very important activity in an organization and should be done according to the requirements in the organization. There are various strategies to recruit the appropriate applicants. On behal f of my company when I am selecting the right candidate, I would prefer not only the educational qualification but the person’s experience and moral status to find out whether he is competent to job. â€Å"Employee selection processes are critical to hiring a superior staff† (Employee Selection, 2011). ... For example, various departments have various requirements. For a manager post in ‘Customer care department’ it is better to demand an experience between 3 to 6 years. These years of experience will make candidates expert in this field and he shall have a good idea about the particular department and would be able to take timely decisions according to the decisions provided by the marketing department. For a managerial post in the operations department a person needs to be a good planner and organizer. He should be a good organizer and should be able to manage both men and materials. The manager should bring together all factors of production in a place and he should organize the activities of employees to achieve the organizational goal. The person should have a work experience of 7-8 years in the industry and understand the industry’s competitors and represent the firm to the public. For the PR department it has been advised by our HR representatives and staff t o appoint a female candidate who can represent the firm to the Media. There are several legal compliances, which have to be followed in the recruitment of people in organizations, most of which are related to the employment laws that exists in the state. â€Å"The Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) evaluates employment practices for federal contractors† (Harpe & Mendez 2011). Recruitment is always been an area, where most of the companies backfire in establishing good faith attempt. This often is owing to the lack of communication and direction to recruiters concerning placement goals. Recruitment frequently contains: Formatting the best plans for finding applicants and making gripping job advertisements. Screening the candidate’s resumes and phone

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