Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Benefits Of Laptops And Wireless Cards :: Technology Computers Papers

The Benefits Of Laptops And Wireless Cards The CEO of Viacom/Blockbuster was once quoted for saying, â€Å"The information superhighway is a dirt road that won’t be paved over until 2025† (The Freeman Institute). Obviously, this was an erroneous quote. The information age is currently at its peak. The use of technology and the Internet are an essential part of higher education. In the past few years, colleges have begun providing laptops to all students. A few colleges have even developed programs that use wireless network cards to access the Internet from anywhere on their campuses. Giving students a laptop and a wireless network card has increased the learning possibilities at schools nationwide. This is a very recent idea being practiced by hundreds of colleges around the United States. However, this idea is one of controversy. Despite the many benefits, these laptops have their flaws. They create problems such as maintenance efforts, depreciation value, classroom misuse, faculty training, and rai sed tuition (Beebe 2-8). Another issue is whether or not the laptops actually benefit the students or just distract them. There are many benefits of using laptops over conventional personal computers. Some of the benefits include portability, access, PowerPoint Presentations, slideshows, e-mail, using the Internet, and online notes. All of these advantages are put together to make a very economical and beneficial laptop (Shafer). One of the biggest advantages is portability. A Minnesota State student Timothy Huebsch says, â€Å"On a nice day, we don’t have to be cooped up† (Ojeda-Zapata). One can take his or her laptop to the library, cafeteria, or even to class. The students have all the advantages of a PC without having to sit at a desk working on assignments. Students at Buena Vista University have the capability of accessing the Internet from the residence halls, football stadium, and even the docks on the lake. In other words, it is a major convenience for all the students to have a laptop to write a paper rather than waiting in a line to use a computer lab (Dean). Rick Shafer, who is Buena Vista’s Director of Integrated Technology, summarizes the advantage of portability by saying, â€Å"The main purpose of the laptop program was so that student could have access to computers. Prior to this program students had to wait in line often to use a computer.

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