Friday, October 18, 2019

The Major Principles of The U.S. Constitution Essay

The Major Principles of The U.S. Constitution - Essay Example Republicanism means that the country of American does not have a direct democratic government and the country gives the right to the citizens to select a representative to govern their country. 2) Popular Sovereignty: In the U.S, the power of the government is directly related to people and hence, the legislative branch of the government is consisted of representatives selected by the people. Moreover, the legislative branch is the one which formulates law that governs the country. Simmons (2010) explains that â€Å"We the people†¦Ã¢â‚¬  the first three words of the preamble to the Constitution describes the essence of popular sovereignty†. 3) Federalism: Federalism is the major principle that divides the power between federal government and central government. This principle has a strong stand in US constitution as it gives a strong foundation to the central government. A country without a powerful central government often turns out to be delicate and weak. However, Federalism maintains the power of the central government and the state government which is essential for the country. limits of government. This is done to avoid the centralization of power in any one branch or government body. According to Simmons (2010)â€Å"The United States has three branches of government; legislative, executive, and judicial. The legislative branch is responsible for making laws while the executive branch carries out the law, and the judicial branch interprets the law†. 5) Checks and Balances: This is one principle which is highly connected to the separation of powers. As per this principle the three different branches of the U.S.government possess the right to check each other’s powers as and when needed. As per Mount (2010)â€Å" In this system, several branches of government are created and power is shared between them. At the same time, the powers of one branch can be challenged by another branch. This is what the

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