Monday, November 18, 2019

Personal Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Personal Ethics - Essay Example In addition, she worked to assure that patients under her care were healthy. Her critical thinking of Environmental Theory dramatically revolutionized the nursing methodology in which sanitary conditions for patience became a focal point for all nurses. As a nurse, it is imperative to provide the utmost care to patients especially in the realm of elderly. As a nurse, one must understand that not nurturing elders can be against the moral standards of a nurse. Elderly neglect is one of the most prominent issues that needs to be addressed in modern society. It is clear that every year, an estimated 4 million older Americans are victims of neglect. Elderly neglect has been an issue not only in nursing houses but also in other aspects. Conducive research indicates that for every case of elder abuse and neglect reported to authorities, experts estimate as many as 23 cases go undetected. The quality of life of older individuals who experience abuse is a critical element because elderly often feel neglected which may cause physiological trauma that is definitely not healthy. This physical trauma can be a huge element as much research also suggests that older people who have been abused tend to die earlier, which is a huge concern. For the elderly, it highly imperative that they don’t experience this short of emotional trauma in their later years. From my personal perspective, nursing are majority in charge of handling patient’s nutritional status. Most patients that are sick tend to lose weight and must be supplemented with proper amount of food and nutrients. Conducive research indicates that as many as 65% of elderly patients are malnourished when they enter the hospital while in the hospital. Without having the proper nutritional assessment, it is highly illogical and difficult to monitor their status. Morally, they must have the right to

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