Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Increase in Tuition :: Education Argumentative Papers

Increase in Tuition Dear ISU Cyclone Family Member, Would you like to save yourself $300 to $900 every six months for four years? Maybe go treat yourself to something nice each month or save up and give yourself a big treat at the end of four years? Would you like to see ISU continue with low priced high quality education? These two things will be intangible if you turn and look the other way on this issue. This week Iowa State is hosting the Board of Regents in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union. The Board of Regents will be meeting to discuss and vote on an increase in tuition beginning the 2001, fall semester. A 9.9% increase is on the floor. This increase would put a heavy drain on all present and future ISU students financially. It is critical that this 9.9% increase be struck down. The citizens of Iowa should not have to pay another increase. This enormous percentage is too much to ask. The Government Student Body (GSB) has developed a proposal that will increase tuition, but does not increase tuition at such a drastic increase. (See enclosed sheet for more information.) GSB and other Iowa State students and family are asking you to join them at the Board of Regents meetings to express our dissatisfaction in this possible increase. The dates for these meetings are: Wednesday, October 18 And Thursday, October 19 From 9 am to noon The more representation, the better the chance of the 9.9% tuition increase being denied. Come defend and protect yourself from a tuition increase that is extreme, too expensive, and too high. Enclosed is an information sheet on the tuition increase to inform you of what is really going on and why. Sincerely, Jeanine Farnen Tuition Increase Informational Sheet Do you have $300 to $900 extra to give away? The Board of Regents thinks you do! The proposed tuition increase at Iowa State is out on the table. The increase would be 9.9%, or an extra $300 dollars per semester for in-state students, and $900 additional for out of state students (Iowa State Daily-Opinion). For a student getting their undergraduate degree at ISU that is an additional $2400 for in-state students during their four years at Iowa State; and that is an additional $7200 for out of state students during their for years. Last October the regents approved a 4.3% increase in Iowa tuition. Why another increase? The urgent need for the tuition increase is due to a cut in funding to the Regent Universities from the Iowa State Legislature.

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