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History GCSE coursework WW1. Answering various questions

The First World War

(a) Explain how the Schlieffen Plan was meant to work (7)

        The Schlieffen project was the strategy that was supposed to allow the German forces a swift and deceive victory over France in a short space of time so that the German army could be rushed to the boarder to hold up the Russian Steamroller

        Germany had single of the best transport systems in the world and they were red ink to use their network to move their troops around quickly. The most(prenominal) crucial aspect of the Schlieffen plan was mobility, because if the German army did not keep up its swift momentum it would get bogged implement and they would not be able to stop the Russian army. The Germans knew that France was saved by fortresses that spanned across the French border so the Germans unyielding to invade France through neutral Belgium. Germany did not believe that Britain would go to war with Germany over the 1839 treaty with Belgium, they later referred to the treaty as a scrap of paper. The Kaiser also thought of the British Expeditionary durability as a contemptible little army and thought that even if Britain did cubicle by their 1839 treaty Germany would have no reason to get at because the Kaiser believed that the British army was absolutely no match for the German one. German troops would then capture the coastal ports of Dunkirk and totter West of Paris and encircle it. The Germans believed that once Paris was overrun, the expect of France would effectively surrender and the German army could then be rushed to the boarder to stop the Russian army.

(b) Why did the tie-up develop along the western front? (8)

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great essay, well researched, advantageously support...i am studing for my history final right now and one thing on it is world war 1. reading this helped me a lot so thanks. Also, it would have been intresting if you talked a little combat about propaganda (i know it might have not been a question, but just if you addressed how it was used in ww1 it would be nice.)

Nice work! I felt that the answeres to the questions were very thourough.

Keep up the good work!

for 10th grade this was truly excellant. Wel scripted and constructed. I would have like to see a bibliography

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