Thursday, March 21, 2019

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Educational PhilosophyEver since I was little and starting time my education I have cute to become a instructor. It is a lifelong goal of mine and I hope someday I can fulfill this goal. This past summer my dream of becoming a teacher was further strengthened. I had the opportunity to coach a prawn football team and this decision glum out to be very instrumental to me as a person. I realized many things about(predicate) myself and I realized where I exigencyed to go in life. I found out that I completed to teacher kids things I love as a person. I truly found out that I privationed to make kids my life and more specifically I wanted to become a strong-arm Education and Health teacher. It was just as Sputnik turned Americas light bulb on, that this summer turned my light bulb on. Throughout my education I have intimate a variety of techniques and ideas that have been trenchant and not so potent in my own education. I have found that the teachers who sit ba ck the desk bore you till no end are not as effective as those teachers who have a transfer on, enthusiastic reading environment. Thus, this brings me to my philosophy of education.First, I believe as a teacher you should be a true enthusiast. I know from past experiences if a teacher brings enthusiasm to their work it will enhance their classroom and also the efficiency of their students to learn. As this type of teacher I want to display a positive and enthusiastic attitude that hopefully will diffuse through my students like a wildfire. A positive attitude will aim positive results and that will translate into enthusiasm for both the students and the teacher. Though I will act in a professional manner, I want to become as one with the students. I want my enthusiasm to enable the students to experience the best environment for learning and experimenting with the curriculum. I also want to display a progressivist attitude in my classroom. I believe that hands on learnin g is the most effective way of teaching a student new, unfamiliar subject matter. Being in a Physical Education environment, I believe this will be the most effective philosophy in my classroom.

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