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The Military Career of George Washington Essay -- American America His

The Military Career of George working capitalMost people today deliberate of George Washington as the first President of the United States. Perhaps they whitethorn remember that he was also the missing general of the Continental Army. However, George Washington had much experience in the soldiers before the Revolutionary War. Because of his experience, he was ideal for the responsibility of leading the new nation to victory everyplace the British. In 1752, George Washington was 20 years old. He had no military experience, but his brother Lawrence had served in the British militia and this motivated George to link up up (George 74b). Before the Revolutionary War, George Washington actually worked for the British. He showed his graphic leadership right away. At the age of twenty, he was assigned to drawing string militias in Virginia.The young Major Washington showed he was brave and ambitious. In 1753, he heard that a man named Robert Dinwiddie, who was the acting governor of Virginia, plan to send a message to the cut troops that they needed to fill from the Ohio River Valley. The French cute to hunt and trap there, but the British wanted the land for farming. Washington went to Dinwiddie to volunteer to be the messenger. Dinwiddie had enough confidence in the young soldier to let him go. Washington did not go by himself. He took a frontier guide, an interpreter, and four frontiersmen. It was dangerous wilderness and it was the mall of November. The group traveled until the middle of December. It was a long and cold journey. The French rejected the British instructions. Washington had to make the journey back to Virginia in the bitter winter weather. Indians and other dangers surrounded him. He finally returned in the middle of Ja... ...and had my commission taken from me, or in other words, my command reduced, under pretense of an order from homeI have been on the losing order ever since I entered the service(George 74d).However, as a result of Washingtons early military career, he learned galore(postnominal) skills and strategies that he would later need. He also won the respect and perceptiveness of the colonists. When he resigned his commission in 1759, the House of Burgesses passed a resolution to devote Colonel Washington the thanks of the Housefor his brave and steady behavior (Fleming 34). He was well on his way to becoming first in warfareand first in the hearts of his countrymen. Works CitedFleming, Thomas, Liberty The American Revolution, Viking, 1997. Sellers, Charles and May, Henry, A Synopsis of American History, Rand McNally & Company, _ _ 1963.The World Book Encyclopedia. 1994.

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