Sunday, April 28, 2019

Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act Essay

Civil Rights guess and the Voting Rights Act - Essay ExamplePartly in response to Kings actions and his march to Washington, the government activity took the undeniable actions in ensuring that at that place was equality in opportunities among all the people. It passed the Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Laws which effectively played a role in ending segregation indoors the American community (King & Lillback, 2003, 78). The other contemporary readings in the paper do not clearly indicate what role the government should play in ensuring that there is equality in opportunities. Brittain is pessimistic about the achievement of the integrated society that Dr. King believed and sacrificed himself for. Shelby Steele, a male, argues that African American should be responsible for their uplift whereas the white community should be responsible for providing the moral deport required. He also states that the white community should be responsible for fighting racism that lingers withi n it. Steele additionally raises vigorous opposition against the Affirmative Action natural impartiality in his works (King & Lillback, 2003, 97). ... utality and slavery contrasted the promises and liberties in farming, which chairman Jefferson termed as the guarantor of virtues on with morality in the American society. The author does not, however, state which method the government should adopt to end the vices (King & Lillback, 2003, 99). D Souza, on the other hand, who is a conservative, urges that the American Revolution principles should be conserved. In his book titled We the Slave Owners, the author argues against classical liberalism and old virtues along with the belief that mans nature is fundamentally good and for these reason enormous conflicts emerge. He additionally states that the mediation process should be carried out by organizations such as the UN. The author does challenge the beliefs of concepts like affirmative action along with issues concerning social we lfare. He finally attributes the majority of the current problems and other social issues being experienced to heathenish theft (D Souza, 154). The civil rights law that came into being in the year 1964 banned discriminatory actions against women and African Americans within their society which included the issue of racial segregation. It ended the inequalities that existed between the requirements for various voters within the system composition also ending racial restrictions that existed in their working areas, schools along with public places and facilities. The American government by their voting rights law outlawed discrimination in their voting systems in the year 1965. The reason for enacting the law was because it had brought a lot of disenfranchisement among the African American society living within the United States of America (King & Lillback, 109). The law specifically prevents any standards, practices or

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