Monday, April 29, 2019

What does this book reveal about the American religious experience Essay - 2

What does this book reveal close the American religious experience - Essay ExampleThe first taradiddle of the novel largely mimes the story of the Monkey King. It would not be an exaggeration to point out that the author deliberately chose this figure since in the original text the Monkey King also was a victim of ethnic discrimination. Indeed, being a monkey for no particular reason he was refused to join the gathering of other deities. Later he is explained that his entrance was denied because he is a monkey and no match to deities. No matter how absurd it may see, but in the fairytales there is also a hierarchy of the spices which may not be justly justified, just like in a real life society.Another interesting point that should be noted is the rejection from the group of gods actually served as an important impulse for the Monkey King to explore his abilities and bed his life to its fullest. One might suggest that just like him, those people who were not able to constitute in the society because of racial prejudices end up to be much more developed individuals than they could confirm been if they did not turn their attention to their identity.Quite ironically, throughout the story the Monkey King is the person who develops the or so accurate understanding of his identity as well the state of affair in the society, featuring the perception of the knowledge base which is not distorted by any biases something that the majority of the population both in the book or in the real life is not able to boast.The next story, the implications of which should be explored in order to rebel the thesis deals with life of Jin Wang. Thus, it is quite important since it presents a rather peculiar description of the most foreign environment for the people of a different race that one can image the white suburbia of a town. It is quite obvious that the author deliberately made his Chinese character to move them in order

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