Friday, April 19, 2019

Japanese Death Rituals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Nipponese Death Rituals - Essay ExampleThis peculiar aspect of the Japanese expiration rituals is quiet confusing. While on the one side, the Japanese exhibit a ceremoniously observable respect for a deceased individual on the other side they consider the death to be some sort of an infectious occurrence that has the potential to pollute the family members and close ones of a dead person. Japanese abhorrence for cats in their death rituals and their fascination with directions is really typical. The practice of digging a womans grave deeper past that of a mans though unusual is perhaps indicative of the subaltern status of the women in the Japanese society. unitary universal aspect of the Japanese beliefs about death is that a funeral in Japan is considered to be a predominantly community event where the members of a community or a neighborhood do everything likely to help a bereaved family perform the necessary funeral rituals and extend the possible material and emotional ali veness to the family members of a deceased person, so as to help them come to terms with their grief. Also, the close affiliation of death and funerals in Japan with religious beliefs, ceremonies and rituals is something that is common to a majority of the world cultures and societies. The special reverence shown by the Japanese for a dead person by lighting incense and candles and such other rituals atomic number 18 also universal in their approach.

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