Saturday, April 20, 2019

Pregnant Mothers and Babies Deserve a Better Deal Essay

Pregnant Mothers and Babies Deserve a Better Deal - Essay ExampleThe stand of his writings indicates his passion for humanised birth. A child has the right to be born through right procedures and the cleaning woman has the right to give birth to a child in the normal course, wherein their human values and soulfulness freedoms are protected. Medical fraternity has no business to adopt unethical practices cultivated on the apprehension psychology of pregnant women. Dr. Wagner makes a perfect case how and why a broken maternity dodging must be fixed to put women and children first, for it is an all-comprehending sociological problem which has important bearing on the general welfare of the society. He is forthright to say that a patient need not and should not eat up the doctors versions and decisions as truth-based in all circumstances, and doctors lie to the patients to serve their vested interests. Their disposition is like businessmen in any other category. They have a hidden agenda that serves their personal economic interests and that of the infirmary of which they are the part. Detailing some of the pitfalls in the procedures adopted by obstetricians, Dr. Wagner writes, Having the bag of water break onwards labour begins means that the baby and the womb are no longer protected from germs and infection.(93)Wagner, citing many studies and real-life examples, concludes that lifelike births are healthier for women and babies and it is an important psychological asset the mothers will carry proudly throughout their life. Delivering a baby is one of the most profound experiences, and the mother must own the right to make the apprised choices of ones life instead of making abject surrender to the doctor at the hospital. No options should be imposed on the pregnant mother and her choices should not be fear-based.

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