Sunday, June 2, 2019

Size Does Matter :: Personal Narrative Shoes Shopping Papers

Size Does Matter Back to School Extravaganza Store-Wide Clearance Sale bargain for 2 Pairs of Shoes and Get the third pair Half OffEvery inch of the walls inside the mall were plastered with a vast drift of dazzling lights and colorful propaganda. It seemed as if I was going to suddenly be attacked by fearsome mannequins, who stood idly like a platoon of glaring soldiers, anticipating their command to strike. The congest food court had an aroma of boiling flesh, pungent enough to tickle the deepest hairs of my nostrils. With each step I took, I was met with an explosion of soul shivering sounds from the speakers, and flamboyant formed fonts that struck me at every glimpse of the banners. I was on a mission, and was forced to disregard all of the feeble advertising attempts that came my way. My objective was to in the long run acquire the legendary shoe that had eluded me many times before.As I marched on through the halls, I was distracted by an intense glow. Before long, I foun d myself gradually progressing toward the mystifying light. There it was, basking in its splendid wonder on an unreachable pedestal, a modern day Holy Grail. My thoughts were abruptly interrupted. delicious to Footaction. How may I help you? I was instantly confronted by the typical, cheerful greeting I received upon entering any shoe establishment.Yes I am looking for one shoe in particular, I responded. I need some brand new, fresh white Air Forces, about an eleven and a half to twelve.That is big, you know what they say about guys with big feet?... Yeah, they have big shoes Ill go see what we have available, and Ill be advanced back, she mumbled with a wide grin that grazed both corners of her bright red cheeks.Then she was off on the challenging quest at hand. As she disappeared momentarily, I held on to what little hope I had left of attaining those shoes. For so long they had narrowly escaped my eager, extended grasp. I was tired of wandering on journeys from lay in to store , just to end up in the Land of Ds Disappointment, Disdain, Distress, and Despair, with many other familiar pessimistic pedestrians along the way. A pale, white vitiate began to materialize over my head, as my thoughts ran rampant. I envisioned myself roaming around, floating into space, traveling with my newly attained white gems.

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