Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Starting a Clinical Trial Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Starting a Clinical Trial - Research stem ExampleA clinical trial go away now involve such investigatings in human beings. The effects of such practice will give been investigated before approval for a clinical trial (Friedman, Furberg & DeMets, 2010).In order to determine if the research question is weighty enough to pursue further investigation through a clinical trial, the following criteria sens be used. Clinical trials, like other research studies, are guided by specific criteria. It is important toDetermining the problem is an exercise similar to the formulation of a research question in the initial processes of the research study. It involves identifying the population affected, why such a population is the target and the issue of interest. In this case, a specific study has already been selected Chlorhexidine decreases the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia in intensive care unit patients a randomise clinical trial. The problem here is the patients in intensive c are unit faced with a major problem of ventilator-associated Pneumonia. Research has however, established that this ventilator-associated pneumonia can be prevented by use of Chlorhexidine.In this research, the results have been confirmed Chlorhexidine helps in preventing the occurrence of the disease. The next step should be investigating the correct dosage that will increase the percentage of the number of patients that it protects. It is expected that with such results, Chlorhexidine will help reduce ventilator-associated pneumonia cases.Already the research is a randomized clinical trial. 61 patients were affect in the study to assess the effects of Chlorhexidine on VAP prevention. It specifically assessed whether oral care with swabbing four times daily with CHX reduced VAP development (Ozcaka et al., 588). The results are supportive of further clinical trials. In this case, only 61 patients were involved in the study. Further clinical trials involve phases I to III of clinica l trials

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