Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Interaction Of Byelikov And Kovalenko In The Man In A Case Essay - 61

The Interaction Of Byelikov And Kovalenko In The Man In A Case - Essay spokespersonThe contrast between these two people discloses the main idea of the accounting. The story has a very interesting structure a story in the story, barely at the same time, it doesnt prevent Chekhov from conveying the uniform assessment of human life perception, stating his ideas and outlooks. Plot composition of this story is simple and original. The prolog is the story of a gymnasium teacher Burkin telling to his friend, a veterinarian Ivan Ivanovich, a story about the teacher of Greek language Byelikov. We learn about the appearance and the demeanor of life of the main character. The plot begins when a new teacher of history and geography Mikhail Savvich Kovalenko comes to the city. He comes with his younger sister Varinka whom Byelikov liked and considered marriage with her. The conflict of Byelikov and Kovalenko is the conflict of the people with absolutely different characters, different idea s, and moral principles, and it is the foundation of the story. Byelikov lived in panic, being afraid of reality irritants. Byelikov praised the past, expressing disgust for the present and classic languages which he taught. He wore the same an umbrella and galoshes in which he was hiding from the real life. And everyone was afraid of this strange person. His thoughts were also hidden in a case. Nobody could exist what he is thinking about and what he is going to do. Kovalenko, on the contrary, was open to people, he clearly expressed his opinion. A number of events make the culmination of the story the desire of Byelikov and Varinka to get married, the drawn caricature of the main character, driving bicycles. All these actions excited Byelikov and provoked the conflict between him and Varinkas brother. Belikovs death, which according to others serves as a solution to all the problems, is the outcome.

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